I believe that we posses nothing as human beings.  By that I mean, as long as you are capable of having something taken away from you, you can never truly possess it.  I am comfortable with that belief; until I consider my mind.  Indeed, we all know someone who has had issues with either their mental health or fully being able to remember who they were.  And I do not mean existential burn-out, I mean to actually lose your mind....

There is an element of finding and possessing that weeds a path in the short story, Stone in my Song.  I wonder at the layers of life that Saru has found and lost and what it is that she feels she possessed to start with....

Loss of Love,
Loss of Youth,
Loss of Affection,
Loss of Gentleness,
Loss of Limbs,
Loss of Mobility,
Loss of Marital Bliss,
Loss of Sexuality,
Loss of Forgiveness....

The above are just thoughts, skirting around the main issues....

I want to say that I will be publishing ad hoc stories and extracts from my book on these blogs and then I will discuss some thoughts, "post-mortem style."  I say that well knowing that I believe in the life force which drives the spoke and written word. 

So my next challenge will be to discuss an element or theme from the short story and do so briefly.  I believe that the Reader is a creative participant in the written word, I do not want to quash her/his ability to create beyond the words, expressions and sentences s/he is reading.  I respect the Readership enough not to presume that I can speak to the issues that one 'ought' to pick out as relevant.

I will begin shortly.........................................

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